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Preparation For Sale

Preparation The Key to a Better Selling Price.

The number one priority when selling your truck or bus is to make it look as good as possible to maximize the selling price.

Repair bodywork and wheels, their are many repair specialists to look after the the areas we don’t cover.

We give your vehicle a good clean inside and out. A scruffy interior with crisp wrappers, dog hair and crumbs could put off potential buyers and drive down the buyers offer. If you don’t have the time or equipment to do it yourself call A1 Mobile Trucks and Wash for a quality job.

Take a walk around the vehicle to check for cracked headlights and wing mirrors, and replace if necessary. It’s the little things buyers point out for discounts.

If you have minor scratches and scuffs to the bodywork or alloy wheels we are able to handle many tasks.

For most trucks the work will cost less than the weekly shop and your vehicle will be worth considerably more as a result. A prospective private buyer will want to get the best looking vehicle for their money, so if yours is scratch free and at the right price you’ll be on to a winner.

Again dealers will factor in the cost of putting the car right into the price they offer you so aim to give them no reasons to beat you down on price.

Ensure your tyres have a decent level of tread all round, shinny and dressed tyres.

Steam clean the engine compartment. If it is oily clean it with a proprietary de-greaser but if it is just a bit dusty polish with a cloth and a spray of WD40. Everyone looks under the hood when they’re buying a vehicle (even if they don’t know what to look for!) and a clean engine compartment easily impresses.

Repair obvious areas in the cab especially in the hard to get at areas.

Check that your service history is up to date and sort out your truck paperwork neatly for inspection by the buyer. Vehicles with a full history can be worth more. If the vehicle has been maintained by a local garage they will have your records on file and can update your service book if necessary.

A history of how often your truck has been cleaned and detailed provides the buyer a good idea about it’s owner.